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In the coming years, we at Solent Spirit want to be able to offer incredible opportunities to create long lasting and impactful social value in the Solent area. In the meantime, until we have our feet firmly set in the sand, we want to engage with and support local charities such as those who keep our coastlines safe, so in our first year we are working closely with Freshwater Independent Lifeboat on the Isle of Wight, who without public support would not be able to provide their generous service to those in need.

In the opening months of our launch we will be providing more details about the Lifeboat Initiative and introducing our sustainability advisor Jack Price who will help us in our efforts. 


Beyond our carbon footprint, at Solent Spirit we aim to contribute to turning the tide on the degradation of our ocean’s biodiversity.  While our carbon offsetting initiatives will bolster global biodiversity through investment in kelp forests, mangroves and seagrass, we also want to contribute to conservation efforts on British shores. Through providing support to public campaigns, participating in volunteer days and providing donations to hard working ecological campaigners, we hope to see our Great British coastline boom with marine life for many generations to enjoy.

Fortunately, Hampshire is renowned both for its beauty and the richness and biodiversity of its landscape, and there is no shortage of opportunities to engage with local conservation initiatives. A specific species we will be helping to conserve is the Native Oyster, one of many keystone species which through their existence support a broad range of marine life in the ocean. Their role as a carbon and nitrogen sink is essential in combating climate change and boosting the biogeochemical cycles on which marine life depends.




As we grow as a brand we want to ensure that we minimise any negative impact on our planet. Our first commitment will be to ensure we eradicate any contribution to climate change through CO2 emissions. Solent Spirit will attempt to offset all emissions associated with our supply chain by all of those involved purchasing 'Blue Carbon' credits where carbon is offset through investing in marine conservation and offshore renewable energy.